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Love In Thoughts wallpaper

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Love In Thoughts wallpaper,movie,movie wallpaper,movie pictures, movie free wallpaper.The third screen version of the 1927 Steglitz Student Tragedy, this attractive period drama from talented young director Achim von Borries brings a fittingly poetic, languid air to its story of youthful alienation and doomed love. Fellow students Paul Krantz and Gunther Scheller are about to take their final exams. Though friends, the two young men seem to have little in common. Gunther is rich, highly strung and has bohemian pretensions; Paul is working-class but bright and talented. Both are in love with the idea of love, and with the idea of living with no limits. Spending a weekend at the Schellers¡¯ lakeside summer house with Gunther¡¯s free-spirited sister Hilde, they throw a drunken party that results in a volatile mix of heightened emotion, jealousy and longing.

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