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a group of free Baby Desktop Wallpaper. In general, newborns: Can see faces. During the first days and weeks of life, babies can focus on objects 8 to 12 inches away. At the end of the first month, most will be able to briefly focus their attention on objects as far away as three feet. Can suck their thumbs. Those of you who happened to catch a glimpse on ultrasound will already know that babies suck their thumbs (and fingers and hands) even before they are born. And despite some old wives' tales that are still out there, there is no harm in allowing them to do so after they are born. Can recognize certain smells. If you've always thought it was coincidence that a baby begins to stir and act hungry when his mother walks in the room, think again. Even a newborn can recognize the smell of his mother's breastmilk. Can hear. If you watch your newborn closely, you should be able to determine if she reacts to sound ¡ª whether she turns her head towards the sound of a voice or reacts when there's a sudden noise in the room. And by the end of the first month, most babies will recognize the sound of a familiar voice. While it is important to let your baby's doctor know if your baby doesn't seem to react to noise, do keep in mind that the phrase "sleeps like a baby" exists for a reason. Even if a newborn sleeps right through impressively loud noises, her hearing is likely to be fine as long as she responds to noise at other times. Can move their heads. Most babies, by the time they reach a month of age, are able to turn or even lift their heads. Some babies are particularly skilled at this particular milestone, and are even able to do so at birth. That said, it is important to remember that you always need to carefully support a newborn's head, since it will be many months before she can do it on her own. Begin to smile. The first smile you see may well be while your baby is sleeping, but by the end of the first month, you will likely find yourself rewarded with smiles specifically directed at you.

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